Friday, October 17, 2008

Creating the Food Distribution System... parallel the current Healthcare Industry. Today's food industry is extremely free-market and competition-based unlike the Healthcare Industry. To create our single payer food care industry, we must first convert the food industry into a comparable industry to the healthcare industry.

With today's high price of food, it is imperative that the government create a system that reduces the cost of food for American families. It costs the average family about $400/month to eat. Eating is a God-given right and families should not be forced to spend their limited income on a right. The system is highly flawed.

First, we shall create a transitional employer-based food insurance program. Employers will get a tax credit for food insurance plans they provide to their workers. Food service businesses should contact the food insurance company to negotiate the cost of select food menu items. The government will create the guidelines for the price of food

Also, food service providers shall now fall under the American Food Association (AFA) which will create the standards for food service quality and establish quotas for the numbers of food service providers who enter the market-place yearly. We recommended, much like doctors in the health care industry who fall under the AMA, the people who wish to start businesses shall be required to graduate college, food graduate school, intern for at least 4 years under another food service provider, become fully certified to operate the store, then they can operate the food distribution outlet.

We shall also create laws in which the food service providers can become highly exposed to law suits based on malservice. We hope this threat will cause business owners to be overly careful and not provide any food items which may be risky (such as seafood, meat, eggs, veggies, candy, alcohol, caffeine, fattening food, etc). This "defensive" service should help cut down on the exposure to legal action against the businesses.

We have now begun to create the new food service industry. We feel that government, insurance companies and lawyers can help people get the lowest cost food possible, rather than leaving it up to the ignorant consumers, who must be protected from everything, and food providers, who are greedy and just want to "make a buck" off anyone they can.

Please visit us again to begin discussion on how this transformation will take place and what the green grass will look like on the other side...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let's Nationalize Everything!

My fellow bloggers, I am a red blooded capitalist and business owner at heart and know all the world's problems could be solved by turning a couple million entrepreneurs onto solving a problem. Let us make some money off it, we will solve anything you need. Lead, follow or get out of the way!

I have tried to get several blogs off the ground, but there are a ton of tremendous bloggers out there who can dedicate a lot more time (and intelligence) to many specific topics. I couldn't really find my niche. Well, let's see if I can get some readers through this one....

The whole health care "discussion" is incredibly painful for entrepreneur-minded people. Senator Obama is out there preaching "change we need" or "hope we can believe in" or whatever the slogan of the speech requires. How about "change we can actually do"?

The current health care debate is a red herring. It is stupid at it's core. I love blogging because I don't have to be as PC as the national syndicates who all believe this to be true, but can't really say it.

The debate is stupid in that no one is actually trying to solve the core of the problem and the solutions to "solve" the problem don't have anything to do with getting health care to millions of people.

So, to put the whole debate into perspective, I shall begin my quest to discuss the stupidity of the current health care debate in terms regular people can understand.

Please feel free to leave comments. I enjoy networking with like-minded people who believe capitalism can solve all the worlds problems rather than cause the problems. This election is making capitalism look like the bad guy. We must stand up for THE ONLY economic system that can ensure the freedom of the individual.

"Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem." -- Ronald Reagan